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My Excel Tools - collection has a multiple MS Excel Add-ins and plugins/Add-ons including Excel image assistant tools & picture manager utilities to manage and insert pictures/images, you can create a native graphs and dashboard reports in templates or models, new special and custom chart types gallery with our charting tools, data analysis tools for cells and shapes with Conditional Formatting and best Excel resources.

MS Excel Add-ins versions - Compatibility and Requirements:
All Microsoft Excel Add-ins & plugins work in Microsoft Excel 2007 to Excel 2016 and Office 365.
All Excel add-ins & plugins work in all versions 32 and 64 bit Microsoft Excel.
All Excel add-ins & plugins work in all versions 32 and 64 bit Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
MS Excel products Add-ins - Update versions:
All our Excel Add-ins and product updates or releases we add to a collection you purchase in the year following your purchase are free. The Updates enhance a product's.
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Excel image assistant, charts and picture manager ribbon toolbar

Spreadsheet Image Tools for Excel - Add-in

Excel Spreadsheet Image Tools - Excel image assistant & picture manager
Image Tools - Excel image assistant & picture manager utilities
Why use Excel image assistant Tools and picture manager utilities?
Take a Picture - Applying screen capture of image options over the datasheet and set snapshot & screen shots.
Extract, export, insert and manage multiple pictures/images in cells, comments, set screen capture of charts, screenshot of ranges(set snapshot and get the datasheet portion), create product catalog template, employee list template & image gallery with multiple pictures or photos (alternative to Camera Tool Function in Excel & copy the data and objects as picture file).
You can start creating special & custom template catalog with this picture tools.
Excel image assistant and picture manager - all in one Image tool plugin:
Use our MS Excel image assistant to manage and insert many pictures into cells or comments:
Insert multiple pictures in cell or comments automatically.
Spreadsheet Image Tool assistant
is an add-in or plugin software for Microsoft Excel.
Insert multiple pictures on cells rows or columns, one in each cell, resize according to a cell size, and transpose images.

With this MS Excel picture manager, you can insert multiple images into cells on the worksheet or comments on the sheet. You can create a catalog with a lot of pictures and insert pictures in comments or cells, the images automatically sized to fit cells on the worksheet. You can create a beautiful work graphically.
List of Options in the picture manager tool - image tools & utilities:
Insert [Images] from folder path.
Insert [Images entire File path] from folder path.
Insert [Images] from cell value.
Insert [Images] from cell value (Entire path in the cell value)
Insert [Images] from images browser (Quick insert images in sheet option)
Transpose Images on rows or columns (Transpose and resize images options)

Worksheet Image Tools new version - What's New?
In this version our Excel image assistant - Image sheet creator & tool - Add-in & Plugin we have added the following utilities for pictures in cells or comments:
Worksheet Image Tools Wizard - Preview of images.
This picture manager tool has been modified for visualizing png images.
Image Tools Wizard - Insert options - Manage and insert pictures in the sheet.
An option to insert images full path has been added in the MS Excel image assistant dialog box sheet Image Tools - Wizard.
An option to transpose images has been added to the ribbon - quick access toolbar for Size and Transpose Image utilities - Transpose pictures image assistant wizard.
An option to copy cells width and height has been added in the ribbon toolbar button for Image assistant utilities - Settings for icon Size Wizard.
An option to transpose cells formulas has been added in the ribbon button for Image manager utilities - Transpose formulas with wizard.
An option to resize objects (charts or pictures & shapes) has been added to the menu - ribbon button for worksheet Image manager utilities - Resize Objects for Image assistant wizard.

Compatibility and Requirements - Spreadsheet Image Tool add-in & plugin:
The Add-in is compatible with: MS Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 (32 and 64 bits for Microsoft Excel versions) and Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits).

Guarantee for Picture manager add-in: Try before you Buy - Free Download Demo Trial version of Add-in Excel image tools...here

Price for image assistant - Spreadsheet Image Tools
Image Tool - Special Price: US$9.49   

Buy spreadsheet picture manager - image assistant
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Quick Dashboard Charts Creator Add-in & Plugin

Excel Dashboards charts and graphs assistant creator

Quick Dashboard Charts
Why use custom graphics and dashboards from Dashboard Charts Creator - Charting plugin?
Insert Charts and Graphics in Microsoft Excel - Create a chart & charts gallery template.
Designing a dashboard - How to create and visualize data and customizing native dashboards, charts or graphs (Create sample of dashboard templates).
Creating and using dashboard & graph. You can start creating special dashboards. You can build your dashboard to view your data in graphs.
Technical analysis charts. New options for using special charts and more custom graphic creations.
Create reports with special charts and custom dashboards with native Excel features.
You do not need a tutorial of creating Dashboard or custom charts in Excel.
You can create new dynamic Excel Graphs/charts and Interactive Dashboard for your Management and Corporate Reports with more powerful graphs. You do not need Chart techniques or knowledge of basic charting options.
Quick Dashboard Charts Maker assistant is an chart/Charting Add-in software. This gallery provides Dashboards templates, chart reports, chart tools, and custom charts types. This graph gallery contains different chart types. Tornado Chart, Waterfall Chart, Marimekko Chart, Progress Indicator Chart ( Bar-Column ), Categories Chart, Percentage Chart Cube, Bump Chart, Cascade graph.

The 15-day trial version creates the graphics as a picture.

If you purchase Custom Charts Gallery - Charting plugin enter your order number and click register product from tools menu. This will unlock all your custom and special graphics.

You can create custom Dashboard template, graphs or charts templates in worksheet, a selection of which is Shown below - Special & custom types - charts and graphs gallery.

Compatibility and Requirements - Quick Dashboard & Chart add-in & Charting plugin:
Quick Dashboard Graphs & Charts Gallery is Compatible With: MS Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 (32 and 64 bits for Microsoft Excel versions) and Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits).
Guarantee for chart add-in: Try before you Buy - Free Download Demo Trial version of Dashboard Graphs and Charts add-in here

Price for Custom Dashboard and Charts Gallery - Charting Plugin
Special Price: US$29.94          

Quick Dashboard Chart add-in
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Spreadsheet Tools assistant Add-in & Plugin

Spreadsheet utilities for models
Worksheet Tools

Functions and sheet Utilities:
Macro add-in - Spreadsheet Tools is a powerful set of utilities. The list of features has more new powerful functions.
Spreadsheet Tools assistant is an add-in software. Use this tool if you do these long and repetitive tasks spreadsheets models.
With this tool, you can manage your worksheets reports or models using worksheet tools - wizard, this worksheet manager tool save you a lot of time. you could reduce work hours to minutes.

Spreadsheet assistant Tools empowers task automatization function of Microsoft sheets allowing you to apply it to many sheets on the workbook at one time, simply configuring the worksheet tools Wizard and apply. It performs multiple tasks automatically and gives you the solution.

With this plugin, you can apply actions with many sheets in a big workbook. The functionality works as the Excel's manage automatization function, but this add-in is more powerful because it is used for many sheets into your Excel workbook.
Manage, moving, organizing sheets, protecting and unprotecting worksheets, hide sheets and Unhide sheets, searching for worksheets, navigation between the worksheets, join worksheets, find cells in sheets, apply my colors, change sign, text and number, cells id and more powerful tasks.

Compatibility and Requirements - Spreadsheet Tools add-in & plugin:
Spreadsheet Tools is compatible with: Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 (32 and 64 bits for Microsoft Excel versions) and Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits).
Guarantee for add-in & plugin: Try before you Buy - Free Download Demo Trial version of Spreadsheet Tools add-in & plugin here

Price for Spreadsheet Tools: US$15.95
Spreadsheet Tools
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More on Spreadsheet Tools and add-ins:

The spreadsheet tools add-ons and worksheet template utilities from My Excel Tools website add powerful spreadsheet tools and new functionality. Spreadsheet Dashboard Charts Tools is our most popular spreadsheet chart/graph report add-in for communicating information visually in worksheet reports, models and all sheets. With this spreadsheet chart tool or spreadsheet report utilities for dashboards, you can design and change your own charts or dashboard formats with native chart tools or new chart types on the worksheets. You can access to new graph features or VBA code functions. The Ribbon tabs, which provide easy access to the Excel tools.

Special charts/graphs gallery, picture manager to insert multiple images in cells or comments and Conditional Formatting utilities. Our Microsoft Add-ins help to users with reports most easier to use. Get our dashboards for models, custom graphs and charts for reports, image assistant or picture manager functions, and database plugins for conditional formatting.
Our Plugins Add-ins & Add-ons: Image assistant, Quick charts/graphs or dashboards, and Quick Conditional formatting:
Excel image assistant - picture manager the most quickly set of image tools for insert pictures into cells or comments.
Image Tool plugin - Spreadsheet Image Tools with a set of utilities for manage sheets, join worksheets, find cells on the sheets and more functions.
Quick Dashboard Charts is a powerful Add-in with charts or graphs and Dashboards, you will be able to include chart utilities and new custom chart types.
Quick Conditional Formatting to categorize large databases in seconds.
Spreadsheet Tools
to manage multiple tasks in sheets, templates or books in seconds.

If you are not satisfied with your Microsoft Excel Add-in trial version, We may even be able to modify or add a new spreadsheet tool to the Add-in in order to meet your needs in your spreadsheets, models, worksheet functions, templates reports, picture manager for images and Excel image assistant tool, comments tools in sheets, transpose formulas or pictures, transpose and resize images or charts, conditional formatting tools, database tools, consolidation tools, graphs or charts and dashboards templates or reports.
If necessary you can request a discount coupon for add-ins products.

Our list of add-ins: Excel model & reports assistant utilities and spreadsheet add-in tools:
Dashboard charts - reports & models with their charting tools, the Excel image assistant for manage pictures in spreadsheets or Spreadsheet image manager - tools wizard and Conditional Formatting add-in.
Will allow you to reduce the effort from hours to minutes.

My Excel Tools: Spreadsheet Add-in Collection or spreadsheet model assistant suite has all of our spreadsheet add-ins. The Spreadsheet Image Tools assistant for manage pictures and comments in a model sheet. This is the easiest image assistant tools and picture manager , Spreadsheet Dashboard Charts Tools for reports or models and Spreadsheet Conditional Formatting Tool, Spreadsheet Tools and Dashboard Charts Mini.
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Dashboard and chart/graph reports: Quick Dashboard Charts Gallery Add-in.
Spreadsheet Tools Add-in.
Quick conditional Formatting Add-in.
My Excel Tools Collection: The most useful set of Excel spreadsheet add-ins functions, tools and utilities.
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