Spreadsheet Image Tools - Wizard...    
 WithThis Tool you can insert multiple images into Excel cell or Excel comments    
A) Set your preferences - Insert section    
A1.Select the path of images    
A2.Select insert options:    
-From folder, File name in a cell or file name with extension in a cell value    
-From Folder: Insert images in Excel cells or comments
-From File name in a cell: Insert images in Excel cells or comments from cell value
-From File name with extension: Insert pictures in Excel cells based on cell value
A3.Select extension filter    
A4.Select where insert the images (Cells or comments)    
B) insert images - section    
Insert All , insert all images with extension filter
Delete , delete all images in workbook, sheet or range.    
Cell Preview, This preview show the picture with the cell value    
Spreadsheet Image Tools - Wizard