Spreadsheet Image Tools - assistant: VLOOKUP, looking and show dynamic images Index from cells
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Excel Image Tool - Pictures VLOOKUP, looking and display dynamic images from cells


Picture Lookup in Excel - Description

With This Excel Image Tool you can look and display a list of dynamic images from cells (lookup images in Excel)    
Excel Image Tool - Pictures VLOOKUP, looking and display the dynamic image from cells  
You can acces this Excel lookup images dialog box from image assistant menu in the Spreadsheet Image Tools - ribbon toolbar.    
Steps to create the dynamic list    
1-You must have 2 columns of data    
The first column should contain the names of the images    
The second column must contain the images (one image in each cell)    
Observe the cells with red border (they contain the 2 necessary columns)    
Then select where you want to paste the dynamic list (Note the cell with the green border - it is the destination place for the list of images)    
Excel Pictures VLOOKUP - looking and show image list from cells    
Finally, press the Ok button to create the list. This result has created the list with the images.    
Excel Spreadsheet image LOOKUP - looking and show images in cells    
This function automatically adds a reference of Excel names for your images in the cells.To access the name manager go to the tab formulas and click on the Names Manager button  
Excel Names manager dialog box - create image list with Index      
You can easily recognize and manage the names as they all start with the letters [SIT_Sheet_CellsReference]    
Excel spreadsheet Picture Lookup set name manager Index and match reference    

Excel Select and Insert images for dynamic image list - pictures Lookup:

You will have access to the browser of selection of images from Spreadsheet Image Tools assistant dialog box.
Insert your images in cells.
Excel spreadsheet Picture Lookup select images in browser dialog box