Excel resize images with percentage size or centimeters in cells

Excel Image Resizer Tool - Set image size percentage or centimeters for picture size


Excel resize images with Image Tool - Description

 With This Excel Image Tool you can insert and resize images objects with custom size in centimeters (cm) or percentage size in the Excel spreadsheet.    
This tools resize your pictures to cell size or insert floating images with the original size on Excel.    
You can acces this Excel picture manager dialog box from Image Assistant menu in the Spreadsheet Image Tools - ribbon toolbar.    
Excel image resizer Tool to inserting images in cells with image assistant dialog    

Add or insert multiple images with percantage size or add pictures with centimeters size in cells

It is a Excel image assistant dialog box - with 2 functions (Add multiple images with percantage size or add images with centimeters size)

- Configure your preferences (Resizer image assistant - Dialog box button)
-Apply your preferences in the spreadsheet image tools dialog (Set percentage value for images or set numeric value in centimeters for picture size)
-Finally click in the insert images button to insert pictures in Excel. You can select some pictures or one image from browse and select images in folder dialog box.

Select and Insert images in Excel button:

You will have access to the browser of selection of images from the insert pictures assistant dialog box.
Insert your images in cells. All images you insert will adjust to the setting that I indicated in the Excel image Tool dialog box.
If you need a single image in Excel .. click on the image and press the ok button    
Excel image resizer Tool to inserting many images in cells - Image assistant dialog box