Excel Conditional Formatting Shapes - Create, Export, and Edit multiple conditions
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Excel Conditional Formatting with Shapes - Edit conditions and Rules

With this tools for image shapes, you can edit the conditions of your shapes (that is, you can vary the color by assigning a condition). You can also access a navigation interface so you can analyze all your shapes conditionally. Finally, you can export a report to a sheet and display the list of shapes, and from which cell it depends to update its colors, height, width and position of the shape.
Ways to Apply Excel Conditional Formatting to Shapes pictures (Excel Video Tutorial) - See more spreadsheet Samples and Tips
You can acces to this Excel shape & image tool dialog box from Spreadsheet Image Tools menu in the ribbon toolbar option Shapes Navigator.

Shapes Navigator - navigate between the Excel shapes

You can view conditional shapes & images based on the Value of Another Cell, some Conditional formatting properties, edit shapes colors of conditions and deletes selected shapes pictures.    
List, Navigate, Manage and Edit Excel Conditional Formatting conditions from spreadsheet Shapes    

Edit the Excel conditional formatting rules or conditions colors in your shapes

Select one shape in the active sheet and edit the conditional shape formatting (Select only one shape item to edit Excel shapes colors conditions).    
To edit the shapes that work with multiple rules, you must select the type of shape to be plotted, is similar to the way to edit the shapes traffic lights)    
Edit and update Shapes with Excel Conditional Formatting conditions    
Create, replace, list or Manage and Edit Excel Conditional Formatting    

Create report of Excel shapes with conditional formatting

With This Shape Tool you can export the list of all conditional shapes in a new worksheet.    
Select the Excel Conditional Formatting Shapes option from the ribbon in the Excel image and shape tools section    
This option will export an Excel sheet with the list of its shapes conditional format. It will also show the following columns (cell to evaluate to change the color of the shape or shape), the measurements of the shape (the width and height of the shape) and also the position of the shape (the left and top position of the shape)    
Create Report of shapes with Excel Conditional Formatting conditions and rules    
Tip: So you can observe the condition change directly in the selected shape to modify. Your selected form must be showing the same condition you are editing.    
This tool creates a hidden sheet to be able to make the connections between values ​​of cells and shapes. It is not necessary for you to make any changes to the UserShapeCell sheet    
This tool is not compatible with Excel 2007 because of differences in the object model and its methods. It works correctly Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 32 and 64 bits    
Excel does not allow to apply conditional formatting on shapes only on cells, so the tool performs the necessary processes to emulate a behavior of the shapes as if it were a conditional format However, the shapes have practically all the behavior of a cell with a conditional format when they are linked to a cell.    
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