Excel image assistant - Spreadsheet Picture Manager for Excel Alternatives and Similar Tools

An alternative option to the classic dialog box picture manager for Excel is the new dialog box Spreadsheet Image Manager & Tools - Quick insert pictures.
Easily automate the hard process to insert images, change picture, import images into Excel Spreadsheet ranges, cells or comments.

This image tool option allows acces to windows explorer directly to insert the images more quickcly. With this picture manager dialog box you can select one, select some, or select all images an insert images into cells or comments.

Our picture manager for Excel have a set of Excel image tools:
-Spreadsheet Image Manager Tools - Main wizard , picture manager dialog box
-Quick insert images from the folder path, this insert the selected images from the browser picture manager box .
-Quick insert - Settings , in this section you can configure your images preferences
-Resize picture objects or charts and images from the dialog resize cells with pictures.
-Transpose images vertically or horizontally and copy cells (height and width) Spreadsheet image tools - picture manager dialog box.
-Extract/Copy-paste and Export multiple shapes as Camera Tool for images (Export Charts, pictures/images, selected range of cells as picture and save image in folder path).
More - this picture manager solved the following hard taks with images in Excel:
-How to troubleshoot with multiple pictures and hard tasks issues with Excel images and comments.
-Insert and Delete multiple pictures in Excel:
-Automate embed, import and delete (range, entire sheet or book) multiple images into Excel.
-Excel Image Manager - Full version: Create Image Gallery with a few clicks. You can paste multiple pictures automatically
in your Excel sheet or import icons & images catalogue in your sales book or templates using the Insert images in cells or comments icon. You only select the path and press the insert picture button.
-Set Auto Size option to Fit Cells Automatically and create ID Card Creation Book In Excel.
-Insert one or multiple picture file names into cells or comments.
-Get Cells image preview for pictures from full folder path in a cell.
-Display Pictures on Excel Worksheet without VBA in your book, only the add-in contains the code.
-Insert pictures and full path reference or only file name in a few clicks.
Spreadsheet Image Tool for Excel - See more
Spreadsheet picture manager - Excel image assistant