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Spreadsheet Image Tools for Excel Add-in,
Spreadsheet Tools for Excel Add-in,

Quick Dashboard Charts for Excel Add-in
Conditional Formatting for Excel Add-in
MyExcelTools - Collection for Excel Add-ins
Bundle: Image Tools + Charts Gallery Add-ins

Microsoft Excel Add-ins & utilities - Requirements & Compatibility:
All MS Excel Add-ins products work in Microsoft Excel 2007 to Excel 2016.
All MS Excel add-ins products work in all versions (32 and 64) bit Microsoft Excel.
All MS Excel add-ins products work in all versions (32 and 64 bit) Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
The following are our Excel ribbon tabs (toolbar menu) , which provide easy access to your Excel add-ins products to design, analyze, format, process and visualize DataSheet. When you create custom charts, ranges with conditional formatting rules and decision tables.
Our image assistant tools apply the native Excel image assistant properties can quickly be applied to create a picture catalog from a folder path.
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Spreadsheet Image Tools - Add-in

Image Tools - Excel image assistant
Why use Spreadsheet Image manager Tools & utilities for Excel Add-in
Use this Excel add-in to manage and insert pictures/images into cells or comments automatically(resize many pictures according to a cell size or resize many cells according to image size)
Transpose Images/pictures on cells rows or columns (Transpose and resize many cells with pictures)
Get screen capture and take a picture of the datasheet (Get multiple snapshots, screenshots, copy the data or objects as picture file, snapshot of sheet data cells and save it for a presentation)
Extract, export, insert and manage multiple pictures/images, comments, charts, screenshot of cells range(is an alternative to Excel Camera Tool Function in cells range into sheets).
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Spreadsheet Image Tools - Special Price: US$9.49   
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Quick Dashboard Charts Gallery Add-in

Quick Custom Dashboard Chart types
Why use custom graphics and dashboards from Dashboard Charts Gallery - Add-in?
Insert many custom Charts and special Graphics in Microsoft Excel - Create a special and complex charts gallery into models and reports.
Create and visualize data with special and native dashboards and new chart types gallery.
This graph gallery contains different spreadsheet chart types gallery. Tornado Graph, Waterfall Chart, Marimekko Chart, Progress Indicator Graph (Bar-Column), Categories Chart, Percentage Chart Cube, Bump Chart and Cascade.
The 15-day trial version creates the graphics as a picture.
If you purchase the Add-in product you only need to be register from Excel add-in section/tools menu. This will unlock all your custom and special graphics.
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Price for Dashboard and Charts Gallery Plugin - Special Price: US$19.94          
Quick Dashboard Chart Gallery add-in
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Spreadsheet Tools Add-in

Worksheet Tools & utilities for Excel
Spreadsheet Tools is an MS Excel add-in software. Use this tool if you do these long and repetitive tasks.
With this plugin, you can apply actions with many worksheets into your Excel workbook:
Manage, rename, moving, organizing sheets, protecting and unprotecting worksheets, hide sheets and Unhide sheets, create very hidden sheets, index of sheets, searching for worksheets, navigation between the worksheets, join worksheets, find cells in sheets, apply my colors, change sign, text and number format, cells code id and more powerful tasks for multiple sheets and templates.
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Price for Spreadsheet Tools: US$15.95
Spreadsheet Tools & utilities for Excel
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