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Websites dedicated to Excel. There are good Excel sites. Here are some Excel sites who can teach you a lot about Excel.
The following are our Excel best sites, which provide easy access to all of our Microsoft Excel Tips and tricks. The list are our favorite Excel sites to get you up to speed on Excel spreadsheets functions & tools.
This Excel sites solve the following questions:
How to insert one or multiple picture into an Excel cell or cell comment? See native Excel picture manager and image assistant features from the ribbon tab
Compatibility of Excel picture manager and image assistant in Excel versions.
Difference between free trial of Excel image assistant - Spreadsheet Image Manager and the Full version of picture manager for Excel.
How to install? - picture manager for Excel - image assistant: Spreadsheet Image Tools for Excel.
System Requirements & Specifications in Excel Picture manager - image assistant :Spreadsheet Image Manager.
Another ways to manage and insert multiple picture into Excel cell or cell with comment.
Get our picture manager & image assistant: Spreadsheet image manager and try some ways to manage and insert picture into Excel cell or cell comment.
Insert special & advanced Charts and Graphics in Microsoft Excel - Create a chart report and custom chart from Excel chart gallery:
Apply Excel conditional formatting in cells and how to use spreadsheet Conditional Formatting Add-in.
Format and categorize Excel Range or database based on the text of another cell with conditional Formatting and rules table.
Create your own Excel Conditional Formatting rules and apply in big database range.
How to you can use Excel to enter all sorts of data and actions to help beginners users work with Excel spreadsheets - VBA and Excel Add-ins.

Mike Girvin
On his Excel Youtube channel he has an Excel collection of spreadsheets videos on Excel, he has also published some books on Excel.

Tom Urtis is a Microsoft MVP for Excel, and has writte some Excel Examples Tom has also authored and co-authored several Excel books and some brief Excel tips.

This Excel TV program is taped LIVE. Guests include Excel experts, Excel Trainers and Excel website owners. The show includes Excel Tips & Excel News. Excel experts discuss their Excel systems and some processes for Excel training and Excel consulting.

Excel VBA Classes
Several Options to join Excel VBA Classes Online

Advanced Excel Course
A great Excel course if you have a good grasp of the Excel basics and are ready to go to the next Excel level with Excel spreadsheets.

VBAExpress Excel
Dedicated to all the Excel VBA users

StackOverflow Excel Section
The Excel-VBA site is great. Over 10k Excel questions tagged. Filled with Excel technology experts.

Excel PowerPivotPro
The Excel site offers classes to get you up to speed on PowerPivot. This Excel site is the center of the Excel PowerPivot theme.

My Excel Tools - Tips, spreadsheet charts and picture manager & image assistant
Blogs, Wikipedia, wordpress, blogspot and social network facebook, Google Plus and twitter.

Excel VBA Code Excel-vba-code.blogspot
The Excel VBA blog .Over 90 Excel VBA tips tagged. Filled with Excel VBA technology experts.

Spreadsheet 123
The ultimate guide to the world of Excel.