Microsoft Excel Tips, Charts & Dashboard, Conditional formatting, Picture manager, VBA-Macros This Excel section is for Excel users with no knowledge of Microsoft Excel VBA and Tools. Microsoft Excel is one of the most used applications. Hundreds of millions of people around. the world use Microsoft Excel, VBA, Add-ins, Tools, charts, dashboards and conditional formatting, Excel image assistant & picture manager tools for Excel.
This Tips/Tricks & Awesome Excel Tools section as building blocks with usage samples to help beginners and advanced users work with worksheets, reports, models, functions, formulas & conditional formatting, charts, dashboards and image tools.

Excel Spreadsheet Tools & Tips and Miscellaneous

My Favorite Features - Top Microsoft Excel Tools and Timesaving Techniques:

Quick Dashboard Charts for Excel This custom gallery provides new Excel chart types. This spreadsheet chart gallery contains different chart types you can insert multiple new charts/graphs into Excel worksheets. Create catalog with a lot of charts and insert custom dashboard in spreadsheet automatically.

Excel Image Tools

Use Spreadsheet Tools For Excel if you do these long and repetitive tasks in Excel spreadsheets. With this tool you can manage your worksheets using worksheet tools, this spreadsheet tool saves you a lot of time. you could reduce work hours to minutes.

Excel image assistant & picture manager

With this picture manager - Excel Image Tool you can insert multiple images into cells or comments on the worksheet. With our Excel image assistant - Image tools wizard dialog box create a catalog with a lot of pictures and insert pictures in Excel spreadsheet automatically sized to fit Excel cells.

Image tool- Excel image assistant

With Quick Conditional Formatting for Excel - Add-in you can categorize long databases into sheets or big ranges of data on the worksheet. With our Conditional Formatting Tools - wizard dialog box categorizes big databases with a lot of rules table in spreadsheets automatically.

Excel Image Tools and picture assistant