Picture Lookup in Excel With images and Names - Create multiple dynamic list of images

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You can obtain Excel Picture LOOKUP in a long list of images or logos with the functions VLOOKUP, LOOKUP and INDEX / MATCH. This process is similar to looking for an image or values.

How to do an image search in Excel - Picture Lookup? - Method 1

I have a list of the 50 images with the name of the image and the image of the logo in the adjacent cell. The idea is to select an image name from the list and the image must be updated to show its correct image.

Steps to create or add a dynamic list - look for an image in the list of Excel images by cell value

1-List the names of the images of all the images in an adjacent column (Column1: names of the images and column2 the images in the cells, insert the image for the element of the image
2-Create a validation drop-down list with all the names of the images. Create the formula: go to the Formulas tab and define the name of the linked images. Go to any cell that contains the image, copy, then go to Paste options and select paste linked image.
That is all.

Images - VLOOKUP Another option to get linked images - Excel image Tool - Method 2

With This Excel Image assistant tool you can look and display a list of multiple dynamic images from cell text or values (lookup images in Excel).
You only need to select 2 columns (the range with the images and the names of the pictures)
Excel Picture Lookup, Image Lookup Ranges with picture List, update dynamically Image Vlockup from cells - Image tool & Excel image assistant
It would be through the Excel add-in assistant of spreadsheet image tools. From the following link, you can get the steps of how to create lock images in 3 clicks:
open Excel Image Vlockup dialog box in the Excel ribbon toolbar.
Select the list of image names and Columns and process images to create picture lists.
The tool will create a name for each set of images linked to the list. To access to the Excel name manager go to the ribbon tab formulas and click on the Group and open Names Manager dialog box.
Excel Picture Lookup, Ranges with picture List - names manager

With Spreadsheet Image assistant Tools you can manage, list, insert multiple pictures/images into cells on the sheets in a few clicks.
With our Excel image assistant - too dialog box create a catalog with a some pictures.
Excel Picture Lookup, Ranges with picture List, update dynamically Image Lookup from cells - logo banner