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The MS Excel add-ins in this section (Free Excel add-ins section) are free. They do not have a free trial time, expiration date. You can download and share this website with our friends or partners. If you share the website and help another user to manage Excel tasks. This section of free download plugins from Microsoft Excel is a place to help you get tools and utilities.

Top Free MS Excel Add-ins & utilities you should consider using


Top MS Excel Add-ins & Tools you should consider try and buy

MyExcelTools also has add-ins and tools for which you must pay
MyExcelTools Add-ins collection is a Excel software suite. Its about Chart & Dashboard Tools, image tools, Conditional Formating manager utilities, creation of models, reports and catalogs,efficient Management of time, and Excel tasks collaboration.
MyExcelTools is the collection friendliest in the Excel software addins world. The main tools has 4 add-ins & apps products for Microsoft Excel. We have a free utilities and 15 days trial versions licence. There are many utilities, charting tools for datasheets, Excel image tools(picture manager tools & image assistant utilities), conditional formatting rules manager applications for data analysis and more features.
List of MS Addins with payment license - Free download - 15 days Trial License:
Dashboard Charts for Excel - plugin This custom chart/graph gallery provides new Excel chart types. The spreadsheet chart gallery contains different chart types Create new custom and special charts/graphs for MS Excel worksheets. Create catalog with a lot of charts and insert custom dashboard in spreadsheets.
Excel Image Tools
Use Spreadsheet Tools For Excel if you do these multiple, long and repetitive tasks in Excel Books. You can manage multiple sheets using worksheet tools and utilities, with this worksheet tool you could reduce work hours to minutes.
Excel image assistant & picture manager
With Spreadsheet Image Tools plugin with the picture manager utilities and Excel image assistant tools you can insert one or somepictures/images into cells or somecomments on the sheets in a few clicks.
With our Excel image assistant - picture tools wizard dialog box create a catalog with a some pictures and insert pictures in all Excel spreadsheet catalogs
Image tool & Excel image assistant
Spreadsheet Conditional Formatting for Excel - Add-in you can categorize long databases into sheets or big ranges of datasheet on the worksheets. With our Conditional Formatting Tools categorizes some large databases with a lot of rules table in spreadsheets.
Excel Image Tools and picture assistant