Excel picture manager bulk insert - Insert Picture Or Image In Comment In Excel

Export image and Insert Picture Or Image In Comments In Excel - bulk insert

How to add multiple comments with images on a specific range or pictures/images into cells - batch or lot insert:
We can insert images in the comments with VBA Macro code or a plugin.
How to insert multiple pictures or hundreds of images into cells comment in Excel? You can paste or insert hundreds of pictures or images in comments with some steps: :

Insert a picture or multiple images into multiple comments - Batch insert:
In some tasks, the pictures are created or paste over cells without order and proportion. Our functionality or plugin for Import Pictures insert all (batch insert of pictures) picture/image into an entire range of cells.
Default insert picture:
1. Select a range with comments in cells Then Right click - show all the comments.
2. Right click in the comment, and select Format from the comment menu.
3. In the dialog box set your favorite configuration.
Select Fill Effect then click the Picture tab, after setting the picture to insert into the comment.

if you desire you can Show or hide all comments indicators this not change the picture in the comments.
If you desire you can select and change all comment formats and comments' author name this no modify our pictures.
You can preview our list the comments in the sheet or book with the browser objects. This list all objects (charts, shapes, and comments in the cells).
Set format comments in Fill effects to modify background photos.

If you want to insert multiple images (multiple batch/bulk) based on folder path from a worksheet with file names in the cells, do you have any idea?
The Spreadsheet Picture Tools Add-in comes up with the solutions for you. Download and Try the free trial version

- See Spreadsheet Image Tools Add-in & plugin
Spreadsheet Image Tools plugin