Excel image tool plugin - Insert multiple Images in cells and comments

Excel image tool - Features

Inserting single or multiple images/pictures.
Customizing images as well as cell sizes - images with proper image size.
Set in what column/row you want the images to be inserted into the sheet.
How to Prepare Payroll in Excel (with Pictures)
Creating a Photo Catalog from a Folder of Photos.

The sheet image plugin allows to the user to create brochures, product catalog offerts, inventory sheet with pictures.
You can insert single Image, but what happens when there are multiple pictures in a folder path...
Maybe you don't know what the rule is to insert multiple images with a few clicks.
What are the most complete and recommendable utilities for multiple image insertion?
Maybe you need more alternatives to native picture manager, one image assistant or another mode for import and embed images in bulk into Excel.
When using Excel image tool to Insert Multiple Images to a range of database, these pictures are available in seconds..but you need more features: The image name? the picture name without the file extension, the filename reference, the import path, selection of image orientation: paste the pictures in rows or columns as the table, is the image resize option available? picture height and width, is a picture resizable? insertion with match (cell value & folder path) , file path & match name.
But you can change the picture orientation rows/columns with a transpose function in the plugin In a large row or columns, you can have multiple pictures that transpose different cells direction Acces to the Excel image Tool: On the Ribbon>tab Spreadsheet Image Tools, select Quick insert pictures The list of image functions is displayed to transpose pictures, resize images and more task when working with images Excel image assistant properties manage your pictures, icons, photos, and picture catalog .this add in or plugin not is only a simple Excel VBA macro code, it is an image assistant solution to all types of image products catalog template, inventory template with pictures, Employee Photo Directory and Employees Database With Images
If you want to insert multiple pictures based on folder path from a worksheet with file names in the cells, do you have any idea?
The Spreadsheet Image Tools Add-in comes up with the solutions for you. Download and Try the free trial version

- See Spreadsheet Image Tools Add-in
Spreadsheet Image Tools plugin