Use Excel picture manager - image tool to convert cells to image with copy as picture function

Export range as static image

How to Get a screen shot (picture) on specific range or chart, shape in a sheet - save the static picture.
We can export ranges as images with alternative software. But how to copy and export cells as the picture with native functions.

Get cells to image with copy as the picture function:
You can copy cells as the picture, to convert objects to image with Copy as Picture feature 1. Select the cells to export as a picture.
1. Click Ribbon>Tab Home >Menu Copy > Option Copy as Picture
in the dialog box Copy Picture, select the options (As shown on screen and check picture button) and press Ok.
2.Open MS Paint and paste.
optionally you can access the cuts feature tool to get a snapshot from the cells.
Paste the picture in Paint and save.
-Select a folder and enter the name of the picture.
-Select the picture type or file extension (.GIF, JPG or other).
The cells range has been saved as the picture in the folder.
Move the picture to a new location in the browse for folder dialog (Select the save as option).
In MS paint you can Resize the picture by dragging the appropriate sizing handle (you can move the arrows left, right, top, bottom to resize the image). Rotate the picture by dragging the arrows rotation in a clockwise or another direction.
If the picture is selected go pictures in the Ribbon>Format tab select Adjust, Picture Styles, Arrange, and Size or other options.
Tip: Compress Pictures with the Compress Pictures dialog box or another tool.
With compress image function you can make the catalog smaller when you save the images.

View copy/paste images with automatically cells refresh - camera image tool

If you want to insert multiple images based on folder path from a worksheet with file names in the cells, do you have any idea?
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- See Spreadsheet Image Tools Add-in & plugin
Spreadsheet Image Tools plugin