Apply Excel Conditional Formatting to Shapes With Conditional formatting assistant
dialog box (Excel Tool, Tutorial and Example)

This section of Excel Conditional Formatting Tips is a place to help you get tutorials and image assistant tools & utilities for creating shapes and ranges with rules and conditional formatting.
You can obtain Excel shapes with the conditional formatting functions. This process is similar to conditional formatting for cells ranges with conditions.
You can apply one or multiple conditional formatting conditions or rules to shapes as the traffic light or multiple conditional formatting shapes from a cell value condition.

Conditional formatting for one or multiple image shapes - How to Apply Conditional to shapes in Excel? - Method 1

Please copy the cell with Excel conditional formatting and paste our cell as a Linked Picture. The image creates a shape from your cell range screenshot. You can change the shape size with native Excel options and the shape will be updated as a conditional formatting shape

Steps to create or add Conditional Formatting and multiple rules to Excel picture shapes with Conditional formatting
assistant dialog box

1-List the rules for the shapes images in an desicion table with conditions or rules formats to set the conditional formatting for shapes.
2-Set the operators >, <, >=, <=, or equal to any text and set the column with the colors to convert in conditional formatting for taffic lights or shapes with multiple conditions.
Now you must define an image creation logic and when you apply that conditional format depending on a condition.
This Conditional Formatting rules manager assistant add-in - update shapes dynamically from cells values similar to classic Excel conditional formatting function.

VBA for conditional formatting - not applied dynamically - Method 2

The problem with applying VBA code serious shapes that we need an event handler. That is to say, the update of the conditional format in the shape would not be direct when changing some value in a cell. Most likely, we'll have to use the selection_change event so every time we move between a shape and a cell we can run the code to update the shape But this has the problem that Excel can slow down ... imagine a macro running by checking each shape every time you change cell or select an object. For that reason perhaps the best option is Method 3 that proposes to use a picture linked to a cell and from there to administer the rules ... this would be the Excel in automatic
The Add-in Quick Conditional Formatting allows you to use shapes linked to a cell automatic, this is the best option for you. You also have a trial period to decide if you want to buy it, any questions or recommendations are welcome The Support Team

Use Excel Conditional Formatting assistant Add-in - Excel image Tool for multiple conditional formatting
rules and conditions - Method 3

With This Excel Image assistant tool you can categorize and display multiple dynamic images (shapes linked with conditional formatting) from cell text or values .
You only need to select the cells with rules and select the formats to add conditional formatting for new shapes.The conditional formatting functions is controlled by a cells text in a decision table with rules or conditions.
The add-in also allows you to manage all shapes with conditional format in your spreadsheets and books.
Excel Apply Conditional Formatting to Shapes, Image shapes with conditions from cells, update dynamically Image shapes from cells values - Excel assistant
It would be through the Excel add-in Conditional Formatting assistant. From the following link, you can get the steps of how to create conditiona formatting image shapes in a few clicks:
open Excel Conditional Formatting Assistant dialog box - shapes creator tool in the Excel ribbon toolbar.
Set the rules, cells with values and process image shapes to create shapes with conditional formatting and rules/conditions.
The tool will create a shape with conditional formatting for each set of rules linked to the cell to evaluate. To access to the Excel Condtional formatting for cells and ranges go to the ribbon and click on the Tab Quick Conditional Formatting Assistant and open the dialog box.
Excel Conditional Formatting Shapes, Shapes be Controlled by Conditional Formatting - Excel Conditional Formatting assistant dialog box

With Conditional formatting shapes assistant - rules manager you can manage, list, insert multiple shapes/images into Excel cells on the sheets in a few clicks.
With our Rules manager Excel Conditional pictures assistant - tool dialog box create or add multiple rules and conditions in cells and shapes or pictures.
Create the Excel conditionally formatted shape