Use Excel camera image tool - Add And Use image tools

Excel image tool - Features

How to Get a screen shot (image of the range) on specific cells in a worksheet then paste the picture.
Dynamical picture:
Paste the picture in another range or sheet and the data in the picture will refresh automatically, You will add the Camera image tool into Ribbon>Quick Access Toolbar to take a picture of range.
Additionally, you can add static pictures from the range if you need this case.

Add or use camera tool to quick access toolbar:
Right Click on the ribbon tab and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar, then select More Commands ( not in the ribbon option ) from the list and find the camera image tool picture. Additionally, you can press the letter C to filter by words in order to find the name "Camera" image tool. In the Options dialog, select buttons (Not in the Ribbon) and browse the list to find Camera Image Tool. Finally, click Add button to add the Camera image tool to right. Now you can view the Camera image tool in the Quick access picture toolbar.

Use Camera image Tool:
Select a cells data range.
Click Camera image tool in the Quick images toolbar.
Click the cells you want to paste the picture.

If you want to insert multiple images based on folder path from a worksheet with file names in the cells, do you have any idea?
The Spreadsheet Picture Tools Add-in comes up with the solutions for you. Download and Try the free trial version

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