Create a Photo Catalog from a folder of pictures with Excel image tool - VBA

Insert multiple pictures from a Folder of Photos

Making a catalog of all his pictures.
You can create Excel macros that can make the manage pictures.
How to put all your photos into an Excel workbook.
Creating a Photo Catalog from a Folder of Photos.
Excel have problems working with many pictures and dependent of your time or how much memory is in your system.

Is recommendable the optimization the file size is to scale the photos outside of Excel with another specific image manager or photo editing software before they are inserted into Excel. You could then paste images into your worksheet and your resultant picture catalog. You can insert pictures using a macro or VBA procedure. You can change the cells sizes/resize and picture orientation you can have multiple pictures that transpose different cells direction The list of image name is displayed to cells as reference of file path, The picture manager properties your image, icons, photos, and picture catalog .the Excel VBA macro code, it is an image assistant solution to all types of image products catalog template, inventory template with pictures, Employee Photo Directory and Employees Database With Images Some positioning problems can be solved by right click on the picture or the panel buttons on the Picture Position or browse picture panel options. You can see or change with them to get the settings for your use of pictures.
See The following VBA macro code example:
About how Excel handles pictures - insert multiple pictures into a sheet with macros.

sp = "...Folder\"
sPath = sp & "*.gif"
xPic = Dir(sPath, vbNormal)

Do While xPic <> ""

'insert image in the user-path from VBA Macro code:
With Selection.ShapeRange
.LockAspectRatio = msoTrue
.Height = 50#
.PictureFormat.Brightness = 0.7
.PictureFormat.Contrast = 0.5
.PictureFormat.ColorType msoPictureAutomatic
End With
xPic = Dir


If you want to insert multiple pictures based on folder path from a worksheet with file names in the cells, do you have any solution?
The Spreadsheet Image Tools Add-in comes up with the solution for you. Download and Try the free trial version

- See Spreadsheet Image Tools Add-in
Spreadsheet Image Tools plugin