Excel - Top Custom Excel Charts
This new and usefull Excel Chart article Applies to versions Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel versions(32-64 bits) and Windows(32-64 bits).

With this new Excel article you can try to discover the new features about Excel chart types such as a new oportunity to enhance the process. Get most valuable and professional Excel Chart tips for dashboard creation. With this usefull information for Excel Spreadsheets charts you can get a first and easy overview on how to modify or create Excel custom charts and add dashboards for new versions of Microsoft Excel. The new chart tools in Excel application have some differences between the classic Excel chart tools in the new versions of Excel the chart formatt are most easy of all the chart tools the Excel chart tools are the most usefull for the chart templates and dashboard templates. With this group of tools you can enhace all chart elements: Chart titles, chart area, plot area, chart labels, chart numeric formats, chart alignment, chart position,change chart types, save the chart types as chart template, chart style,move chart location one per sheet or embebed charts in the sheet chart formulas, quick chart design, chart colors.You only need a select a chart and try to apply one by one the excelent chart features located in the Excel Ribbon called Tools of Charts in Excel. In the next articles you see more details of the numerous chart features in Excel.

You can see the new features about Excel chart types such as a new oportunity to Excel automatization with VBA .The objects models of Excel VBA Charts add more flexibility to developers to generate Excel templates with charts and dashboards You have a new posibilities to create new Excel custom charts programmatically Excel VBA. With Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications VBA procedure to create other new chart types in a excel worksheet or cells selection. Microsoft site provides programming examples for beginers or experts in programation.
This article assumes that you are new with the Visual Basic for Applications VBA that is being demonstrated and with the chart tools that are used to generate and to debug or run code of procedures. To see the most new Excel Charts features and some new limitations available in Excel versions go to Microsoft site with the oficial documentation for creating Excel charts and dashboard tools  .

With Quick Dashboard Charts for Excel - Add-in you can insert multiple charts into Excel spreadsheet . You can create chart gallery with a lot of custom Excel charts and insert new charts in Excel.

The Excel Custom Dashboard Charts Gallery works as the Excel's Charts function, but this Excel worksheet function is more powerful because it is used for provide new chart types into your Excel worksheet. With Excel Charts Gallery - Wizard save you time. We have created new Excel chart types to do tasks related to data, charting, and other needs.

List Excel Charts - Top Excel Custom Charts and Dashboards:
-Excel Tornado Chart
-Excel Waterfall Chart
-Excel Marimekko Chart
-Excel Progress Indicator Chart ( Excel Bar Chart and Excel Column Chart )
-Excel Categories Chart
-Excel Percentage Chart Cube
-Excel Bump Chart
-Excel Cascade Chart
-View Excel Charts Gallery Wizard - Link
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